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So I have taken the liberty of renting a dedicated server for the rather popular 7 Days to Die zombie survival game. With the continuing life support state of Landmark and the hopes of us being able to create our own world full of monsters to challenge and a city to build my research has taken me here. With some really incredible construction capabilities, good graphics, challenging enemies, and what I am finding to be a really powerful moding ability I think this could be a lot of fun for those interested. While there is currently a console version available, they are separate in so far as servers go but that may change. Things are still in flux on that end.

But for those that can and would like to know what it feels like to be huddled in pitch black in the corner of a burnt out cottage freezing your butt off in your burlap clothes in the middle of a blizzard while your teeth chatter more from the sounds of blood thirsty zombies scrapping against the flimsy walls... Remember, everything is more fun with friends, even running for your life from a zombie horde. I will be posting the information up in the Crossroads. See you there and don't forget to bring zome Twinkies!

Welcome back to Patch 3.3!

This is a huge patch with a ton of content, but let's take a quick look. 

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Main Scenario
  • New Warring Triad
  • More Relic Quests
  • New Dungeons
  • Second Void Ark Alliance Raid
  • Hildibrand
  • Mog Beast Tribe
  • Beast Tribe Glamours
  • Treasure Hunting Dungeons
  • Indoor Gardening for Flowers
  • New Housing
  • New Triad Cards
  • More MGP Prizes
  • New Hairstyles
  • New Emotes
  • Job Battle Changes
  • Raid Finder Added
  • New PVP Arena
  • Select Potion Recast Times Reduced
  • Crafting/Gathering Adjustments
  • New Mounts and Minions
  • New Recipes


This is a huge patch, so I highly encourage you to check out the full patch notes: Full Release Notes

And here's a link to your unlock cheat sheet: 3.3 Unlocks


How'd you like it?! I loved it!

Let's take a look at some of our heroes and see what how they're being used:

Genji, Reaper, Pharah, Tracer, McCree, and Soldier 76
    These are all big damage dealers and this category has no issue, even though some people use Genji as a sniper.

Junkrat, Mei, Torbjorn, Bastion, Hanzo, and Widowmaker
    This build includes one builder (Torbjorn) and two snipers (Hanzo and Widowmaker), and let's be honest a very tanklike Bastion. Mei and Junkrat are great defensives, but should not be alone for best results.

D.Va, Zarya, Reindhart, Winston, and Roadhog
    These are some pretty good tanks, but the best is Reindhart. He creates a large wall shield that team members can hide behind and shoot the enemy without fear of being hit. Roadhog honestly doesn't feel like a tank as he has no shields, but a gap closer for other offensive characters. Also, D.Va doesn't provide shields for the rest of her team, just herself. Her ultimate, Self-Destruct, can be pretty nice though >D

Lucio, Mercy, Symmetra, and Zenyatta
    These are some pretty great support roles, but they are each very different. Symmetra is also considered a builder due to her turret ability. In fact, she is the only support character without a heal! She places shields on team members and creates a teleport from the spawn point to gain some strategic advantages.

A longer review can be found in our Overwatch Beta Thread

All in all, I want this game! I reached level 23 before Beta closed and I wish my progress wasn't wiped. I won't be able to play on PC (poor thing can't handle it), but I'm totally up for PS if anyone wants to team up! 

I can't wait for the official release on May 24th!

on your phone... always.

While I personally always felt that this holiday was a little insensitive to those with a lisp it is that time again for us to celebrate arguably the greatest science fiction franchises in history… from 1977 to 1983. While the current gaming juggernauts of Star Wars the Old Republic and Battlefront are of course on everyone’s mind I would like to review two lesser known yet equally worthwhile titles specifically for mobile devices. First up on our list is:

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
While a turn based combat game revolving around a collectable hero system is far from unique, I found this title strangely engaging and have logged into it, if only briefly, every day for the last three months. It may be the above average graphics, the interesting combat mechanics, or the nice mix of things to do but while I do have some complaints I have found the game to be pretty solid and a worthwhile diversion.

Galaxy of Heroes is a F2P game with an in game cash shop as is so common these days, however, so far I have found that while some conveniences and time constraints can be bypassed with real cash the balance of the game does not seem to be tilted toward the whale community in any real regard. As a matter of fact, two of the most common and most powerful PvP characters are readily available for free early in the game. Crystals, the in game currency, is even easily attainable through simple gameplay and I myself am currently sitting on quite a pile of them with nothing really important to spend them on.

The combat system is pretty deep with each character bringing anywhere from three to five different abilities to a fight with many of them designed for all manner of synergies and playstyles. A good part of what has kept me playing this long is my continued desire to try out new team builds and match-ups to see how they play out. I have my all Jedi A-Team and I am currently testing the PvP ladders with an all First Order team and doing quite well, again all free.

All and all a decent little game and with the recent addition of guilds and raids I am sure elitism and DPS parsers are not far behind. I keed I keed! Alright, second on my list today is:

Star Wars Uprising

Star Wars Uprising
Now this one plays a lot more like a traditional RPG where you create a character of your design and play out a rather well written story of rags to riches and intrigue all in the hopes of saving the galaxy and your hide from certain doom. It took a little more for me to get into this one and I honestly walked away from it for a while once or twice before I finally got sucked in one day and now I am hooked.

Combat in this one is all real time as you use specific taps and drags to move and utilize your attacks as you work your way through various instances to gain levels, gear, upgrade materials, and further the story. I have found it to be a little frustrating at times due to how exact you have to be in some cases regarding where you tap but that can be attributed to the size of the screen on my ancient Galaxy S4 and I am sure players on larger screens would find less issue.

Again a F2P title that manages to keep the whale market from dominating mostly because as far as I can tell there is no PvP so paying massive money only means you get better stuff faster but really do not gain anything from your purchases. Like Galaxy of Heroes I have been playing on and off for about 2 months and found myself sitting on such a collection of Chromium, this game’s currency, I finally just started dumping it into larger inventory space out of convenience.

While you start off as a pistol wielding smuggler you can branch out into many other class molds including vibroblade Hutt style enforcers, rifle toting Rebel guerilla soldiers, and even team support Diplomats and… wait for it… yes Jedi! There are tons of armor sets to collect and upgrade and a limited outfit system allows you to choose your look a bit so you can always look cool crushing the Empire.

One of my personal favorites is the crew system where you collect followers you can send on various missions to get you items rather than farming them yourself or even recruit more followers. All from a collection of different backgrounds and strengths you really have to train and pick your minions carefully in order to ensure mission success. Some high reward missions can even cost you the life of a follower if you are reckless.

Uprising also features a co-op play aspect that allows you to go into missions with other party members which is where I feel the game really shines unique as each can truly embrace their build. Will you hold the line as a hearty bodyguard while your smuggler uses grenades and snares to ensure they and your crowd control diplomat are safe and sound? Will you tear through enemy lines with your lightsaber as your commando friend lays down a smoke screen and cover fire? Only the Force knows. So there you are. If you are like me and recently can only get a few minutes, often on the run, to try and fill that Star Wars fix, perhaps these phone or tablet titles will be for you. Both are currently available for free on Google Play and the iPhone App Store.

“At its core Sanctum is an online community. While the term ‘guild’ or ’clan’ are popular designations for online player groups, they do not encapsulate the heart of what Sanctum was created to do.”

I pulled this from the About Us page and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about Sanctum in it’s 16th year. I joined Sanctum when FFXIV: ARR launched, back in August 2013, and Sanctum was indeed different from what it is today.

Everyone was very involved, the chat was always active (I actually missed replies with how fast it was going), and anyone was willing to run an instance or help you out. And yes, we still had issues getting people for instances, mostly because not a soul wanted to tank. Everyone was so happy to see each other and I hated having to go to bed and miss my friends as I went to work. I was extremely nervous about joining Mumble and stayed away for as long as I could until my newfound friends finally convinced me.

Now two, closing in on three years later, the newness and broad content of Eorzea is dwindling as we eagerly await patches. Friends have left, vanished, and transferred servers. No longer is the TS channel brimming with laughter. The people have changed and so have attitudes. But we should change that.

 On April 25th, recruitment will begin and Sanctum will be added to the Novice Network FC database. We will also have at least one activity a week. It could be a movie night, running towers in swimwear, or doing minimum ilvl in content. The point is to be doing something fun with the free company or community. I encourage our friends who have transferred to join us too! Let’s hear laughter in TS and collapse from exhaustion/too many drinks at 3 am. 

Let’s revive Sanctum from the Heavensward slumber and remind everyone of who we are. A friendly and family safe environment, free of elitist attitudes who only judge you by your parse. A community of patience, teaching, learning, and happiness. Please help us to reach a new golden age.

Members of the community, go on and put up your own events for us to join as well. Reach out to a member who needs help. Become a mentor to someone. Help a member with content. Be a Sanctumite.

I’ll leave you with this, “Sanctum is so much more than a tag and a chat channel; it is more than statistics and items. Sanctum is home.”


 Please come spend the evening with us on April 22nd and sync your Netflix to Galaxy Quest. Will there be Cards Against Humanity? Maybe. Will there be drinking? Maybe. Will there be fun? Absolutely.

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